99 Gradi – Montepulciano | Food & Interior photography

The last shoting of 2018 was made for "99 Gradi".
One of the main venues of Montepulciano that presents itself not only as a brewery or meeting point for young people but has the goal of promote itself also as a venue with good food.
Serena and Davide contacted us precisely to give more emphasis to their kitchen and to try to better convey their intent through our photographs.
In a calm winter afternoon the kitchen managers prepared the main dishes of their menu and relied on our taste in photography and our ideas.
After the food session with the interior shots.
Serena (co-fouder of 99 Gradiand interior decorator) has created a welcoming, tidy and well-kept environment.
Through our shots we have documented both the overall view of the venue and the small details that make the difference in this style of interior design.

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