Claudia e Giacomo | Val d’Orcia at it’s best

Unfortunately, Claudia and Giacomo have chosen a very complex day to celebrate their wedding.
In fact, after a morning with a very uncertain weather, just before the end of the ceremony a violent storm struk Montepulciano and accompanied the young couple until late at night.
The couple did not lose heart and, thanks to an incredible commitment on the part of the catering staff, they managed to complete the celebrations.
Unfortunately, such a situation did not allow us to carry out the couple photo session after the ceremony so we decided to postpone everything for a better occasion.
We could not have been happier with the choice because the scenery given to us by a splendid October sunset went beyond our best expectations.
Free from the burden of a difficult day we took the couple to some of the most iconic locations of Val d'Orcia and the sunset we mentioned earlier was a splendid gift for both us and the couple.
The images speak for themselves.

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