Francesca e Paolo – Wedding in Montepulciano

When Francesca and Paolo came to the studio to ask us to be the photographers of their wedding it was a great emotion.
We are indeed friends since long time and knowing them well we already knew it would have been a special day.
Their wedding was an unforgettable one.
The planning of the highlights of the day began in January and the arrival of the " fake bride"  in Piazza Grande was one of the funniest moments.
A fabulous Fire Department's Campagnola led the bride up to Montepulciano City Hall but to be accompanied to her future husband was not Francesca ... but Cosimo.
In fact, among the general laughter, poor Paolo has seen one of his lifelong friends arrive in a white dress.
The short and heartfelt ceremony saw the union of the two under the watchful eye of their little son Lorenzo, in a moment of jealousy for the mother the kid took the scene at the time of the exchange of rings, only the intervention of the pacifier (appropriately dipped in prosecco) managed to calm him down.
After a short couple photo session in Piazza Grande and in the Montepulciano Fortress, the group moved to Il Patriarca, a wonderful structure located in Chiusi, for the reception.
Jokes, laughter, songs, tears of emotion have followed for 4 hours giving life to a fun party.
There's nothing nicer than seeing two guys madly in love celebrate like this with their families and friends.
Congratulations guys, you have been awesome.

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