Valeria e Alberto | Matrimonio a Montepulciano

Valeria and Alberto were fantastic.
The first time they entered the studio they were thinking about an intimate and very simple wedding but the enthusiasm in their eyes was already a harbinger of the fact that it would not end just like that.
Their wedding was an intense and very fun day, full of people and friends who embraced them with joy and accompanied them in this splendid event; the change of plans could not have been more appropriate.
Smiling, amused and amusing, the newlyweds supported us in a couple session near the Temple of San Biagio, where the ceremony had taken place a few minutes before.

Once they arrived at their villa they were completely absorbed by the celebrations and we were delighted to be able to portray some truly cheerful and sincere moments of celebration.

Best wishes guys, it was a pleasure to be there with you.

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